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Marketing of Good Herbs, Inc. products is done through independent Members. Members may operate in either of the following ways:

  1. They may purchase product directly from the company at the direct Member price and resell the product at a price of their choosing. (Products may also be shipped directly to the customer.)
  2. They may direct customers to the Good Herbs website. A special code added to the web address lets us know what markup to add, and what Member to credit. Products will be sold at the markup specified. A check for the markup will be sent to the Member at the end of the month, less a small percentage as a service fee. Members may also have their customers manually enter the code instead.
The suggested retail price is a 33.33% markup.

To become a Member of Good Herbs, Inc., you can sign up here, call us at 1-800-466-0095, e-mail us at order@goodherbs.com, or write us to request a Member packet at

Good Herbs, Inc.
550 Oliver Drive
Troy MI 48084

If you sign up by phone, a Member application must still be completed and returned to Good Herbs. Upon approval of your application, a Member number will be assigned to you. There is a $20 fee to join.

When your annual Membership expires, Good Herbs will automatically add the $15.00 renewal fee to your next order. The next renewal is due one year from the date the renewal fee was paid.

Once you become a Member, you may sign up others to become Members. This procedure forms your downline, which is a group of Members you sponsor into the company. The number of Members you can sign up is unlimited, and those Members can sign up others and so on.

A copy of your entire downline and current addresses and phone numbers are available for your records upon request.

Members can lose their downline if their Membership expires for a year or more. If this happens, the downline is moved up to the Member's sponsor.

Marketing Plan

As a Multi-Level-Marketing company, Good Herbs relies on its network of Members to promote its products. If you sign up a new Member, you have the opportunity to receive a percentage of that person or company's purchases as a product rebate.

Monthly Rebates

Your group purchase volume is determined by your personal purchases plus the purchases of your downline. Depending on the total of your personal and downline purchase volume, you may be eligible for a rebate at the end of each month. Your rebate percentage is calculated by the total dollar amount of product purchased by you and your downline from the first day of the month through the last day of the month.

Personal Rebates

If you purchase a minimum of $100.00 in a month, you then receive a rebate on your purchase volume.

Downline Rebates

To qualify for a rebate check for your downline purchases, you are required to personally purchase a minimum of $100.00 during the month. If your personal volume is less than $100.00 during the month, you are not eligible to receive a check for your downline's purchases.

If a downline Member is at the same rebate percentage level as you, you will not receive a rebate on that person. For example: If a first level Member purchases $100.00 in one month, they would receive a check for $10.00. If you (with your downline) were at the 10% rebate level, you would not receive a check on their purchases.

You are eligible to receive a rebate on a downline Member if your percentage rate is higher than his. You would receive the difference between the two percentages. For example: If your downline member were at the 10% rebate level and you were at the 15% rebate level, you would receive 5% of what that downline person did. If you were at the 20% rebate level, you would receive 10% of what they did.

Group Sales Volume and Rebate Percentages

Your group sales volume is based on your personal purchases plus the purchases of your downline members that are not managers. The percentage breakdown is as follows:

Group Sales Volume Rebate Percentage

$ 0.00 to $ 99.99 none
$100.00 to $299.99 10%
$300.00 to $599.99 15%
$600.00+ 20%
$1000.00+ with Manager status 25%
$1000.00+ with Second Tier Manager status 30%

Rebate Checks

All rebate and commission checks are issued by the company and sent to the Members and Managers by the fifth working day of the following month. If there is an outstanding balance on an account, the rebate check will be held until the account is paid in full.

A copy of your entire downline and current addresses and phone numbers are available for your records upon request.

Manager Status

There are two ways to achieve Manager status:

1. If a Member and his downline have a group purchase volume that exceeds $3,000.00 in any given month, he is an instant Manager beginning that month and receives a 30% rebate.

2. When a Member and his downline have a group purchase volume of $1,000.00 or more he becomes a Manager at 25%. The third consecutive month with a volume above $1,000, the manager will begin to receive 30%.

In addition to the above rebates, the Manager receives a commission on his downline Members. The Manager also receives a commission on those Members who attain Manager status plus a commission on that Manager's downline.

Manager Levels

Status1st Level
Downline Mgr Commissions by level


A manager has two months per year in which he can drop below $1,000 in personal/group volume. These are called "pend months." During these months, the manager receives no commissions on downline managers, and receives the same rebate on personal and group volume as he would if he were not a manager. On the third such month, the manager will drop from manager status and lose the 30% rebate. He can then requalify for the 30% rebate by doing $1,000 for three consecutive months again, but his status as a manager remains on a month to month basis.

Car Allowance

Any Manager whose Total Volume (including personal, downline, and downline managers) exceeds $7,500 in a month qualifies for a $300 Car Allowance. Volume over $15,000 qualifies for a $500 Car Allowance. Good Herbs does NOT require proof of a car payment to receive these Allowances.

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